The 6 Best Tools to Keep You Focused While Studying Online

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Do you find it hard to concentrate while learning online? Here are some tools that can help you stay focused and do well in school.

It’s well known that distractions hurt your ability to get things done. The problem is that there are so many tech distractions in the world today. There are many ways to avoid getting into bad habits and stay productive while learning online.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best apps and tools that can help you stay focused when you’re studying online. This will let you learn without being distracted and finish chores faster.

1. Cold Turkey

Cold turkey

Cold Turkey is a powerful website and software stopper that lets you study online without being distracted. You can set up accounts (called “Blocks”) that block access to certain websites, so you can stay focused on learning tools.

It’s easy to put sites on a blacklist. Click “Add a New Block,” then put any URLs you want to block into the text bar. Cold Turkey also saves time by having an area on its website called “Website Categories.” This feature blocks common website categories, such as Games, News, and Shopping, from having common website choices.

If you have too many things that distract you, the Website Exceptions tool is a good choice. With this option, you can add websites you want to visit to a “whitelist.” Cold Turkey will block all other pages on the Internet that you haven’t chosen. Similarly, if you click the Import button, you can find a way to stop the whole internet.

2. StayFocusd


StayFocusd is a great way to stop putting things off and block distractions that slow you down. It has a lot of the same features as WaitBlock, but it also has some tougher ways to turn off distractions. The extra customization options give you an extra task that will help you be more productive in the long run.

In the Active Days area, you can set up what you want to do. This lets you choose which days of the week StayFocusd will work. Next, go to Active Hours to set how long you want to study before going to bed.

With the Wildcard tool, you can choose groups of domains to block. Just type a star (*), then the part of a domain you want to block. The Nuclear Option is a stronger way to stop people from getting in the way. With this choice, you can set a fixed amount of time that can be spent on websites, whether they are blocked or not.

3. WaitBlock


If it’s too hard for you to completely block your favorite websites, the next choice is better. WaitBlock is an add-on for your browser that helps you block sites that are annoying by letting you set timers.

WaitBlock has two ways to help you spend less time on distractions. With Wait Time, you can set a timer before going to a website. This can help you think twice before getting into bad habits on the computer. The second choice, “Allowed Time,” tells websites how long they can be used.

Under the two timers is a choice called “Blocklist,” which lets you add websites to be blocked. You can also use the Whitelist tool to turn on only the websites that are helpful and turn off the rest. WaitBlock is easy to set up and tweak, so it’s a great, quick way to help you handle your time better when you’re studying online.

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4. Don’t Waste Today!

When you’re done learning, do you wonder where the time went? Don’t Waste Today! is a mobile app that helps you figure out and control how you put things off, so you can easily see what you’re doing with your time.

When putting things off, it’s easy to waste time without being fully aware of it. Don’t Throw Today Away! tries to solve this problem by asking you often, “Am I Putting Things Off?” During the setting of the app, you can choose how often you want to be reminded, from once every few hours to several times an hour. You can also set a schedule for when you want to get the alerts, so you can fit it in with when you study.

When the app notices that you are putting things off, it asks you to choose a common reason from a list. Being honest is important because you have nothing to lose. When you use the app often, you can look at the Results tab to find your most usual causes. This shows a pie chart of reasons for putting things off, so you can figure out what useless tech habits you need to change to get more work done. On the Entries tab, you can see a list of your habits.

5. Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant

Marinara is a great way to study online that builds on the Pomodoro Method. The method is based on a study that looked at how the brain works. It involves taking breaks at the best times to help you get more done.

The app works in the background and is easy to control. You will get a message when a timer has run out. On the Settings tab, Marinara has some advanced tools that let you customize your Pomodoro sessions. Here, you can choose how long both short and long breaks will last. You can also choose how often long breaks happen.

When learning online, it’s important to remember to take breaks. It will keep you from getting tired and help you work well for the whole time you are studying.

6. ActivtyWatch


ActivityWatch is an app that records and keeps track of how you use your PC. If you’re interested in numbers, ActivityWatch gives you the right tools to figure out how you spend your time online. You can see which apps take up the most of your time and how long you spent on each window.

ActivityWatch has a tool called “Categorization Helper” that you can use to set up the tracking function. This makes suggestions for groups (like “Work”) based on the apps you use most often. On the Summary page, there are a number of data about how PCs are used. The number of minutes and seconds used for each app is shown next to it. At the top of the Activity window, you can also change how the day looks.

ActivityWatch lets you look at your browser habits from different angles, giving you a better idea of how you spend your time. You can look at how you use your PC as a schedule, a bar chart, or a circle. To view

Help you focus while online study time well and free up more time.

During the online independent study, it may be hard for you to stay on task. Putting things off is normal, but it can hurt your learning and get in the way of getting things done.

Not only does studying well help you do better in school or college, but it also gives you more free time because you get more done in less time. Check out these tools to stay focused, get more done, and be the best in your class.

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